Jennifer Keating

Jen Keating has been literally working her ass off with Emma Kierse over the last few months here in F1T and she has gotten some serious results. Compared to the when she started, she has completely changed her lifestyle, her relationship towards food, and her attitude towards training, and the results speak for themselves, as you can see below she is so much healthier and now happier in her body. Read on for some serious inspiration and motivation! Well done Jen, you look fantastic!

 ”The body shots on the left were taken exactly a year ago today in a changing room while I was in Tenerife on holidays. The ones on the right were taken this morning. Although I didn’t start actually training with F.1.T until half way through March I thought these pictures best showed where I was and where I am now.

I was so upset in that changing room that nothing fit me so I decided to shame myself into motivation. I’m tall enough and people would always tell me you don’t have it to lose but these photos prove that I did!! The demoralisation is horrible, it’s like a cruel cycle, I would just go eat comfort food to compensate for the upset and promise myself I’d start again when Id get home from holidays or the usual ‘I’ll start on Monday’. I continued to eat badly and avoid the gym that I was paying an arm and a leg for.

The photos of my face were taken a week before I started in F.1.T and last Saturday. That’s why I believe that booking personal training and sticking with it is the BEST way to get healthy and start to mentally and physically feel better about yourself. I started with Emma mid way through March. Firstly, we focused on improving my physical fitness and I’ll be the first to admit my dedication to food plans wasn’t great at all until about July. I’d always suffered with stomach problems and decided in July to cut out all Dairy and wheat products and see how I got on. It was easy to apply it to the food plans they gave me, I just swapped out dairy for almond milk and used gluten free alternatives. The difference in the last couple of months has been insane, Emma is pushing me more and more physically and I can’t believe that I’m down nearly 3 stone from where I was in those photos.

Although I’m ashamed of my life of the pictures on the left I hope it helps at least one other person to see that it is achievable. She has literally helped change my life for the better and its right what people say, don’t look at it as a diet, look at it as a positive change in lifestyle. I’m so grateful to Emma for her motivation, encouragement and excitement when I had none. Bit of a way to go yet but I know now, I will get there!! I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without her and F.1.T!!”