Get the details for Emma & Clodagh’s brand new fitness + fatloss challenge over on the DEALS section  of the website! Four weeks, four top meal plans, guidance, help and support throughout!

Mags O Leary

”Walking into F1T was one of the scariest thing I have ever done but also one of the best! I’ve been doing 2 PT sessions a week with Emma for the last 6 months and she has been absolutely brilliant. Between Emma and the classes, I’m on my way to my goal. I still haveContinue reading “Mags O Leary”

Jennifer Keating

Jen Keating has been literally working her ass off with Emma Kierse over the last few months here in F1T and she has gotten some serious results. Compared to the when she started, she has completely changed her lifestyle, her relationship towards food, and her attitude towards training, and the results speak for themselves, as youContinue reading “Jennifer Keating”

Karen O Sullivan

“I first started at F1T over a year ago, I attended a class first and to be brutally honest had to leave before it finished. I was nervous to try again but adamant that I would be able to complete a 50minute workout and I did! I continued to attend classes & finally built upContinue reading “Karen O Sullivan”

Thomas Byrne

”I would like to thank F1T for their help with my fitness, especially Clodagh Cronin. She pushed me to my limits in fitness, and past them! She gave me a food plan and motivated me to do better in myself! Thanks Clodagh and F1T for making me a happier person in myself. Here goes anotherContinue reading “Thomas Byrne”