Sarah Twohig

sarah – personal trainer

Sarah has been an amazing addition to the F.1.T Grange Team, she is already making a positive impact throughout the gym. She is an all rounder, mastering many roles here in F.1.T. She is an exceptional personal trainer who has a passion for providing the best possible experience to her clients and those who attend her zone trainings. Sarah also provides fantastic customer service & is mastering all the administration & technology at the front of house. If you have any questions, Sarah is always delighted to help in any way she can! Have a read about Sarah’s background & journey to F.1.T.

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m a 3rd year sports science student in the University of Limerick.
I applied for a job in F.1.T earlier this year in attempt to gain experience working in the fitness industry. I’m excited to now apply what I have learned in college to my role in F.1.T!

Sport and fitness has always been a huge important part of my life. In the past I’ve played many sports including football, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, swimming, and Irish dancing. 
In recent years I’ve taken a major interest in strength training and thoroughly enjoy it so I am delighted to be working in at gym like F.1.T. I also have a big interest in the nutrition side of things and hope to go into working in this field in the future. 

I’m very excited to start training and helping people achieve their goals in my time working in F1T. I will look forward to gaining experience and knowledge during the next few months from the job and meeting new people, hearing their ideas and approaches to training. I am delighted to say I will now be taking on personal training clients. If you have any questions or are interested in signing up, send me an email today or call 083 456 5614.