Any of our trainers will tell you that the cheapest way to get fit and burn fat is to attend our circuit classes. All classes are fifty minutes in length, work your whole body, burn more fat than spinning and aerobics COMBINED, and are suitable for ALL levels of fitness (even if that’s a level ZERO).

We know it can be intimidating to walk into a class first day on your own, but rest assured; we do not bite, and we LOVE seeing new faces! We will do our utmost to make you as comfortable as possible with getting uncomfortable!

Find our class timetable on our website here (updated weekly) Classes are just €5 PAYG, or you can purchase a Class Pass at the start of every month that gives you unlimited access to our classes for the month for just €35.

The only class that we require booking for is the 6pm – to book, just text your name and the class  you would like to attend to 0876619275.

Classes PAYG 


Class Pass 

Non clients/members– €35

Clients/Members– €25


Class Pass Ultra – €75

Tired of giving all of your energy to classes without getting the results? Your diet is the prime suspect.

Class Pass Ultra is the same as your regular Class Pass – but with an added F1T Nutrition Plan, a full assessment at the start of your four weeks, and another assessment at the end, and constant motivation and check ins from your head trainer, all for just an extra €40 (€75 in total).

This means you’ll be meeting with a trainer before you begin, to chat about your goals and current eating habits, and to have your measurements taken. Your new diet plan will be emailed to you, and you can immediately begin attending classes!