Bestie Packages


Train at the same time as your best friend, partner or sibling! (all Bestie Packages include membership, meal plans, gym programs, assessments and h0meworkouts )

4weeks 1 X 30min – €135 (€67.50 each)

4weeks   2 X 30min – €270 (€135 each)

6weeks 1 X 30min – €190 (€95 each)

6weeks 2 X 30min – €375 (€187.50 each)

10weeks 1 X 30min – €300 (€150 each)

10weeks 2 X 30min – €600 (€300 each)

3 thoughts on “Bestie Packages

    1. Hi Sharon,

      How are you 😊

      Our personal training packages are highly popular, and all include a full assessment, meal plan, weekly weigh ins, constant guidance/support from your head trainer.

      All bestie packages include gym membership.

      Thank you very much for contacting us and if there is anything we can do, please don’t hesitate in asking. 🙂
      Team F1T


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