Kate Riordan



I first stepped into F1T about four years ago with no gym experience or exercise history. I started off as a personal training client and at the start, I dreaded coming in the door! That all changed very quickly and I found my love for health and fitness.

Over the years, my passion grew & after finishing my degree, I decided what I really wanted to do was to pursue a career in personal training. I decided to complete the Image Fitness Training Course. I graduated and became a certified trainer in April 2019.

I also have a huge passion and interest in nutrition. I studied a the Mac Nutrition course to become a certified nutritionist.

Having started off as a client who absolutely dreaded the thought of coming to a personal training session to now working as a personal trainer, in the same place I started. This means I know exactly how clients feel. I thoroughly enjoy helping people improve physically and in turn mentally as they work towards their individual goals.