From a very young age I have always had a large interest in sport and being active.

“I played rugby, soccer hurling and football until it got to a competitive level, where I just kept with the GAA. We won a minor hurling county championship, which was definitely the highlight of my sporting years. 

Not long after I had a serious knee operation which put me out of sport at a competitive level. I knew I needed to find different ways of being active, so I started to use the gym a lot more, from just using it frequently. I then found my passion for the fitness industry and decided when coming out of school to do Recreation and Leisure in CIT. It was here I got my Personal Training qualification which allowed me to help people start their fitness journeys in F1T whilst gaining knowledge and learning each day. 

We must all enjoy and be happy with our lives, and I think that a strong way of doing that is being active, no matter what the cause.”