Simon Barry

“Hard work pays off”

Growing up the oldest of 5 boys, sports was the main topic of conversation in my household. From soccer to rugby and golf if there was a game I was in it.
By 14 it was obvious my talent was in rugby, and at 16 I was offered a scholarship to different school to play rugby. I threw all my energy into training 5 days a week with the school. But once all competitions ended (in victory) and leaving cert was finished,  the college lifestyle kicked in.

Before I knew it the scales was telling me I was 19 stone. It felt like this happened over night. I became lethargic and depressed  and couldn’t believe what I had done to myself.

Even at my heaviest I continued to train and play rugby but an extremely poor diet, love of beer and clubbing contradicted my efforts in sports and my extra weight remained. I remember looking at myself and struggling to understand why I was not losing weight.

I started a plan, I had short and long term goals. The first 6 weeks was tough to adapt to the lifestyle changes. “Hard work pays off” is what I would tell myself when temptation arose. Once the weight began to fall off I had the motivation to nail my long term goal of getting to 13 stone. I knew it wouldn’t be a quick fix but 18 months later I had achieved my goal.

My journey gave me a love for fitness and nutrition and I choose to develop myself in this industry not only to further my own fitness but motivate and help people with theirs.

Nowadays I continue to play rugby and I have acquired a taste for running. I ran my first half marathon last June and have just began my training for the full marathon this June.


Simon is based in our Ballincollig gym – and you can book your assessment with him by calling 0876619275.


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