Kyle Deasy

kyle-2.jpegMy name is Kyle and I am 25 Years old.

A large part of the reason I became a personal trainer was because of my love of sports. When I was younger I tried my hand in every sport from rowing, hurling and football to boxing. Around the age of 14 I found Rugby was probably the sport for me. Earning scholarships to college, playing on representative teams and even having the chance to play abroad !

As Rugby became more serious I knew I needed to start doing the extra work to help me on the pitch so I began lifting weights not just to help me physically but mentally also.

Unfortunately, injuries and entering a college lifestyle meant that playing at a high level dropped down on my priorities list. However, because of my experiences in the gym and how it helped me become a better player I decided I would like to do the same for other people so I first completed my degree in sports and exercise science at I.T Carlow before continuing on to do a Masters of science in Strength and Conditioning at Limerick Institute of Technology.

Since then, I have been helping people to achieve whatever goals they want set themselves. Whether that’s trying to improve performance in their sport, their daily lives or getting them ready for a big occasion that is coming up. In the last year I have also become CIT’s powerlifting coach where there are four athletes now competing at the world championships in Alberta, Canada in October.

My own love for sports and the benefits of exercise not only for the physical benefits but also for the mental benefits has made me want to provide the same for other people. It also doesn’t hurt that I managed to avoid an office job !

Kyle is based in F1T Grange – if you would like to get booked in for an assessment or a class with Kyle please call 0834565614 / 0214311925