Jamie Stack

My name is Jamie Stack and I am currently a trainer at F1T Grange.
My reason for becoming a trainer comes largely from my sports background. From a young
age I have always been very active, starting hurling and football from the age of 6 and
soccer not long after. Most of my life outside of work is occupied by either training in the
gym or watching and playing sports.
I began my journey as a trainer 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. Helping people to
improve athletically, physically, nutritionally and mentally is something I really enjoy.
Also, being able to constantly interact with people while learning how to help them manage
their different goals, coming from different backgrounds and having mixed abilities is
something that keeps the job so interesting.
Connecting with new people and seeing people constantly improve themselves whether it
be getting stronger, fitter, losing weight, adding mass, gaining confidence or generally being
happier in themselves is something that I love being part of.

Jamie is based on our Grange gym – call us on021 431 1925 or 083 456 5614 to book in with Jamie!