Emma Kierse

“I know how upsetting it is not to be happy with your body and I know the joy of when you start to change it.”

”I was a chubby child, food was my life, I loved it and still do. I spent my teens yoyo dieting I could tell you the “points” (weight watchers for anyone lucky enough not to know) in every single food. It drove me mad adding them up all day, yes I’d loose weight but I’d always put it back on. Exercise? Why bother sure if I ate 14 points instead of 20 then there’s no need. Ah, wrong !
I had my first son just before I did my leaving cert, I was young and uncomfortable and piled on nearly 3stone but I lost it all in 3 months on a diet of tuc crackers and stir fries. Did I put it back on ?? Obviously! I was still clueless.I was overweight for most of my twenties, always upset before nights out, always the fat friend but still not exercising and stuffing my face with crap food .
I started doing classes in F.1.T two years ago , I dragged a friend with me because I was too embarrassed to go on my own , it was hard but I felt great afterwards. I started P.T a couple of months later, I loved it, it was tough but the trainers were so encouraging and helpful I looked forward to going.
I learned the importance of nutrition from them and once I got into the routine of prep and eating regularly it was no problem. Then when I saw the difference in my body , mind and health I was hooked.
I am now lucky enough to be part of this team, because I have been through it I’m really passionate for giving my clients the same encouragement and support that was given to me. I know how upsetting it is not to be happy with your body and I know the joy of when you start to change it.
I love my job (I’d do it for free but don’t tell the boss), I love helping people and I love doing it in the best environment with the best team there is. Don’t think about it, just do it!”


  • Experienced 1 on 1 Trainer
  • Proven Results on Fat Loss/Muscle Gain
  • Knows what it’s like to achieve a transformation with a very busy lifestyle (ie. Two young boys!)
  • Knows what it’s like to start and succeed

Emma is based in our Ballincollig gym and can be found running the desk! If you’re looking to start personal training, give her a call on 0876619275 and she will discuss your options with you!


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