Carole Ryan

Hey Everyone!
So, I’ve been a personal trainer in F1T for about 10 months now and without a shadow of a
doubt, my job has re-sparked my love of the gym and keeping fit more than my sporting life
was ever going to.
I can relate to so many clients and people on a daily basis as I used always be that person
humming and hawing about whether I would make the move and go to the gym or put it on
tomorrows to do list. However, since F1T, that has all changed.
Between the people I train, the people I work with, the gym users and class goers I can’t
express how much I love what I do. F1T has changed my view on exercising and I’ve learned
so much from the day to day runnings of personal training sessions on how to manage
people individually and their fitness journeys. It really brought what you learn in college to
My background is very GAA based from playing camogie with St. Finbarrs GAA Club to
assisting the Cork Senior Camogie team reach their 2nd All Ireland Title in a row as their
sports scientist stats intern. I feel it makes me relatable to other clients who do personal
training and play sport – I can help them juggle match prep, training prep and most
importantly recovery.
The best part for me is the way the F1T Team works, we always throw around different
workouts to try and we just never stop laughing!! It makes such a huge difference if you love
coming into the place you train – It takes away that nervous edge and puts you at ease from
the minute you walk in the door.
Ps. If you hear me being called ‘Cheeks’ on the gym floor…. I once had a really chubby face
and unfortunately things haven’t changed much in 15 years!!
Car x

Carole is based in our Grange Gym – call 083 4565614 today to book in with her!

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