“Train well, eat well, feel well!”

“My philosophy towards exercise and training is that you should set yourself a series of small goals to progress and achieve your ultimate goal. I believe that exercise is something that is vital to everyone’s physical and mental well-being. Take care of your body and mind simultaneously when you work out, when you’re eating, when you’re working, when you’re resting. If you feel happy and healthy there’s very little to complain about. Train well, eat well, feel well!”

Brian’s attitude towards training sums up what we try to achieve here at F1T. As a Sports Studies and Physical Education student in UCC, the most important thing he wants to achieve with each client is that they feel good about themselves. In order to achieve this, hard training, goal setting and a healthy lifestyle are the 3 key factors that make him successful. He has almost 10 years experience in coaching from teams to individuals, elite athletes to total beginners, from children right through all ages.
“Every day I go to work, I learn something new. About my training, about people and about myself. This is what gives me the determination, hunger and drive to keep learning, and improve myself as a trainer and coach.”