Aoife Condon


My name is Aoife and I have been working in F1T since September 2018.

I have been working as part of the desk staff for a year now as I was finishing my undergrad in Applied Psychology and over the Summer, I decided to do my Personal Training course.

With my background in Psychology, I have a huge interest in human performance and development. I am currently undertaking a Masters in Work & Organisational Psychology with my main interest being in personal motivation and development. I have a huge passion for helping people and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives by giving them the tools to help themselves!

My sporting background is in Basketball and Football, which I started around the age of 8. I was on the Cork Team for basketball for a number of years and have won multiple All Ireland medals. I started in the gym when I was 16 and wanted to become a Personal Trainer for years before I finally bit the bullet this year and did it! I began my journey by being a client in F1T Ballincollig when I was 16 doing personal training (so I know exactly what it’s like to start this journey!!) and I’ve been training myself ever since.

I am excited to keep getting to know more people though this profession and to help people improve themselves both physically and mentally!


Aoife is based in F1T Grange. Call us on 0834565614 or 0214311925 if you would like to get booked in for PT / Classes with her!