Please see below message from Eoin Fehily regarding reopening of F1T Ballincollig and F1T Grange:

“Hello everyone, I hope everyone is healthy and as well as can be. We are coming to the end of 13 weeks of closure now & with government beginning to reassess the roadmap for reopening I felt it was important to touch base & provide an update.

As it stands for F1T Ballincollig & Grange we will be reopening on July 20th as per government guidelines. This very well may change but that is of the discretion of government. 

Speaking solely from our own perspective, our insurance company is not offering cover for any training inside either unit, until such time that we in compliance with Government directives.  

Considering I have never felt financial strain or financial stress as this current situation has brought, I am ok with that. Whether it be “Health & Fitness” or “Health & Safety” – Health comes first.

Without insurance I cannot provide a safe working environment for my staff nor provide peace of mind for the clients. Both of which have always been paramount & will be now more than ever as we set about creating a new operation.

In saying that, that does not mean we are happy to sit on our hands and wait until we open to act. The work to reopen has begun a long time ago and is in full swing. The ‘volunteer’ work and support from the staff has been incredible, zoom calls, emails, phone calls & WhatsApp & their input and support is invaluable as we focus on getting back up and running.

Change is of course happening & we are working with it to adapt with it, to provide a safe, effective & efficient service in a safe, effective & efficient setting. I of course want your training experience to be as enjoyable as it was prior to the crisis and we are working hard to deliver this.

With this change we are readdressing the running and operation of Pt, Classes & Gym Membership use. We will still be providing the same level of quality training albeit in a new safe environment in line with government and WHO – Covid-19 guidelines.

We will continue to update you as we move closer to our re-opening but some changes we are currently working on include :

  • Entrance & Exit procedure.
  • Gym use etiquette.
  • Equipment use protocol.
  • Redesigning the gyms layout.

Of course, the strict measures will be put in place for washing and cleaning of all surfaces. We are also working to develop an online app to enable remote bookings.  This will of course be essential for contact tracing which is another requirement of the return to work place protocols.  The app will also support the management of maximum occupancy and ensure we never have an overcrowded unsafe facility.

Now I know everyone is eager to get back training, just as much as we are eager to get back to helping each and every one of you. When we reopen, we will not be going back to how it was pre-Covid. Change is a must and we have to provide a safe working and training environment.

I’m sure you can all understand the financial strain, the bills have to be paid/owed despite having no revenue coming in, rates are owed, utilities paid to keep our phone number etc. I’m the one shouldering this and I’m the one responsible for my staffs wellbeing & peace of mind and I can assure you that I will never make a decision of money over morals.

That said, when we reopen we will have to go through our own short yet effective phases of reopening. The environment we will be relaunching into, no staff member has experienced, nor have they worked in this industry in 18 weeks. Ensuring they are safe, comfortable and effective in their work, we will be able to work through our phases and aim to honour all members of their investments in us, all to be confirmed once the government share their safe guidelines for reopening which appease our insurance company.

Thank you for your time & understanding, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in sending an email.

We are almost at a point where we can offer safe, effective and fully insured outdoor F1T classes, hence why it is now raining.  Here I will personally be on hand to kick these off at both units and available for any questions.

Thanks to each of you for your ongoing support and a specific mention to my team for their continued support through this difficult time.

Eoin Fehily, We Teach – We Train – We Triumph”

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