Trainer Tip – Clodagh

Trainer tip – write shit down!!

I literally write everything down.
This would be so handy for you, no matter what your goal it will help you achieve it!
If you write down each day a mini goal or your plan, you are more likely to follow it!
Start with goals like eating three meals with a plate full of veg, getting your steps to 10,000 or consuming 2-3L of water!
Everyday write down, your food choices, meals consumed, moods, coffees and water! When things are going well, you can see what worked and what made you feel good! What exercise days made you feel amazing, what workouts made you sore! What days you were tired? Was it a consequence of the last two or three days! I write down if I’m cranky, tired, unmotivated and it helps me for the week after!
Write down your sleep patterns. Plan your week, but write it down! If it’s written down, your more likely to stick to it!
For example, your more likely not to have those three chocolate bars and that double cream mocha because you’ll be writing it in your diary!
Focus on the writing shit down and you’ll be more focused and ready!

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