Trainer Tip from Sean O’Gorman

My thoughts on warming up and stretching…

This is one very over looked part of everyone’s trainings routine

People might notice in my classes that my warm ups are Always similar every time but this is a very important 10 mins to prime your body for the workout ahead

The main aim is to pump blood to the muscles your going to be using

So all the movements I do would warm up all your quads,hamstrings,glutes,hips,groin and lower back especially and then flush the blood up by doing some shoulder movements to warm up these too as these can be an issue for a lot of people

Usain bolt doesn’t get off the couch to run his 100 metre sprints in sub 10 seconds same rules apply for you…

Get moving before hand with dynamic movements…
And after is when if you do want to hold static stretching this is the time I do so
I would hold each stretch ideally for 30-60 seconds

I think if you apply this to your training you should see an increase in your mobility,recovery and injury prevention ..

Here’s a photo of me being a good boy doing my stretching 😇


Sean Stretching

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