Tip Tuesday! (Pre Workout Meals-Ryan)

Pre workout meal

Quick post on how to best prepare for your workout. Pre workout meals are very important, however they can be very different from person to person. A lot of times it will come down to trial and error and finding what works best for your body. Key points are to write down how you feel before, during and after your workout. Use a few different routines and go with what you feel suits your body. Everyone has their own opinions so here’s what I think works best for me and how you can try a few different routines. My example below is wait works best for me for my current goals. Everyone will have their own individual goals so what works for me may not work for others. (Trial and error) 👍👌

•listen to your body
•consume 45mins -2 hours prior
•carbs – fuel your body (sweet potato, oats, brown rice, white rice long grain )
•protein – muscle growth/repair
•fats – healthy fats can also fuel your body for training
•trial and error.

Example – My pre workout meals will each include Carbs, protein and fats.
•Morning training
-Egg whites
-One whole egg
•Evening training
-sweet potato
-chicken breast
-green veg
-coconut oil

Hope this helps some of the questions. If you do have any questions for trainers comment below.

Ryan Hogan – F1T Trainer


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