Food Friday!

You think you can get away with cheating on a food plan and get the results you want ?

You’re wrong !

Can you eat what you want as long as it’s clean food ?
Nope 👎 if you are eating “clean ” but still gaining weight then you are not in a calorie deficit. You are consuming more calories than you are burning. Just because you avoid “junk” food does not automatically mean you will lose weight or maintain your current weight .

If you are the type of person that trains a lot and can stay away from junk food then you might be lucky enough to not have to stick to a specific meal plan .

But for the majority of people following a properly laid out meal plan with set portion sizes is the best way to achieve their goals .

Food tip ⭐️

Make your food interesting. Instead of steaming your veg roast it with plenty of seasoning.

Meat does not have to be cooked fresh every day . Once cooked and cooled it can be stored in a fridge for a couple of days .

No matter how you feel, put some time aside each evening to get ready for the next day – being prepared with your food is KEY and will help to stop you eating things that are not in your plan! You will feel so much better and more in control when you know you’re ready and prepared for the following day.


Stay strong and have a great (clean) weekend! You’ll thank us on Monday! 😉  ⭐️


Emma Kierse

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