Wednesday Warm Up!

Workout Wednesday

Changing things up a little bit today by giving ye some advice/info on doing a good warm up which will not only prevent injuries but, improve flexibility, improve mobility, improve stability, improve recovery and burn more calories. My challenge for you is to arrive 15-20 minutes early for your PT session, class or your own session. Use our area upstairs by the bikes to work on preparing your body for a physically demanding session. Follow the order below.

1. Foam Roll
Calves, quads, IT band, groins, lower and upper back. Don’t just roll it out but find that tender spot and hold for 20-40seconds

2. Static stretch
Keep this limited to tight areas, if you have a tight muscle in a certain spot for example your hamstring – static stretch for a couple of seconds(no more than 10seconds pre workout) The majority of static stretching should be done post workout holding each stretch for 30seconds.

3. Stationary bike for 5-8mins increase your pace gradually every minute.

4. Dynamic warm up
-worlds greatest
-runners stretch or frog walk in
-fire hydrant
-leg swings
-body weight lunges, squats, lateral squats,
-push ups

I know some of the exercises may not look familiar so I am hoping to put together a quick video of a warm up session soon. Any questions please ask. I will upload it onto this page so ye can see the exercises/techniques. Also, info on post training static stretches to help recovery will be posted tomorrow.



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