🍏Food Friday🍏

“How’s your diet going?”

“It’s really good during the week, but then I find the weekends really tough to stay on track!”

Sound like you? You’re not the only one. For most people the weekend can be the hardest part when it comes to eating clean. A time to relax, switch off and enjoy yourself away from work or college or whatever else you may have going on.

When I ask people why they find it harder, the same old reasons crop up.

1. Boredom: you have nothing to do so let’s just grab something else to snack on. (You’re not hungry, you’re bored!)
2. Out of routine: everything is planned for the week and structured, and when you’ve a few hours free on Saturday and Sunday, with no food prepped, you’re tempted to indulge into lazy, easy and unhealthy eating habits.
3. Missing breakfast: like your sleep in? Whatever time you wake up, you should still be hungry and never miss a meal, especially breakfast, even if it is an hour later.
4. “I HAD to go to lunch/dinner with friends.” Eh, no you didn’t, go meet your friends, be sociable, that doesn’t mean you must go eat out and undo all your good work all week. There are plenty of other things to do.
5. “I get sick of eating the same thing all week, and then having it again at the weekend”.

Ok, now number 5 I get. If you have the same meals every day mon to fri, and you just can’t face another plate of the same food again. Well then just spice it up a little bit. If you have a little bit of extra time to cook, play around with the ingredients.
– Keep the calories low but don’t be afraid to mix up some flavours. Use herbs and spices to add to a dish.
– Sick of eating sweet potato fries? why not purée them into a paste.
– Season chicken with fresh lemon and sautéed garlic.

There are hundreds of ways to spice up your dishes and make them seem totally new without having to be like Jamie Oliver.

There’s no reason to eat badly this weekend. Keep the will power!



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