Booking a holiday? Read this!

It’s that time of year now where people start booking holidays…

If your main goal is to make serious changes in your body and feel shit hot on holidays in your bikini or in your short shorts 😂
The time to be grinding is now

Motivation will come and go I find it’s like a roller coaster there is always ups and downs

People come across on social media on fitness pages where they give false expectations and they’re “ALWAYS motivated and smashing training!”
We aren’t robots NO ONE lives like this!
But obviously the more you want your end result – the higher your motivation will be for longer periods ..

Key point 🔓
I’m not a cheesy person but I would suggest, when your motivation is sky high write down a paragraph and save it in your notes of your phone or write it down and write why you’re doing it and remind yourself how good you’re feeling at this present moment and if you have any low moments take it out and re read any time motivation is low😤

So sometimes booking a holiday sometimes creates an end goal and time frame to work with which can really work well for short term goals and to stay focused for a period of time e.g 6 or 8 weeks to go…

Get started with Personal Training, book the holiday, and then get buying those bikinis! 😂


-Sean O Gorman

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