Need a goal? Something to work toward??

All goals don’t have to be weight loss. Why not set yourself a fitness goal?


I am organising for any F1T members, Dell EMC workers or anyone else who wants to do the obstacle course on April 1st in Banna Beach. Fun day out!!

It is something I have always wanted to do, so when I saw it I said yes 100%!!! And when it’s for an unbelievable cause like Pieta house, you can’t say no. 👍🏼

So like I said above, We are going to do it in aid of Pieta house, everyone doing it can get sponsorship cards then and fundraise the money themselves. Every bit helps, every penny counts.

In order to prepare for this also we are holding a class every Saturday at half 8 for an hour for those going and those who can’t go to the class can still come down! This class has no cost and is totally free. After all it is all for charity at the end of the day. There will be a donation box for Pieta house at this class, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have what it takes? (Yes) Are you BEAST enough? (Yes)
Have you always wanted to do something like this? (Hopefully yes) It is all about team work and helping one another so the more the merrier!!!

We are Team F1T after all😜🙌🏼

Please message me on this or email me on for any questions.



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