Trainer Tips! (Emma)

Should you be hungry when you are trying to lose weight?

Absolutely not ! 
In fact, being hungry will more than likely work against you as it sends you towards quick, convenient, unhealthy foods.
Our diets are designed to keep hunger at bay. You will be eating at least 5 times a day which should keep you from snacking on foods that are not on your plan.
One thing to remember is that cravings can be mistaken as hunger. I’m guilty of this myself, I have often been after meal six and complained (to a very patient Clodagh) of being hungry. Was I hungry? Not at all ! I was just craving chocolate and feeling sorry for myself.
I tell all my clients that if they have any issue with the diet or feel hungry to let me know and it is very rare that they are , in fact they can’t understand how they lose weight when they are eating so much.
The client who sent me this message just finished her 4 week PT package and is down  4 kgs and 11 inches all of which she achieved without ever feeling hungry.
Trust your trainer !
Trust the process!
Train hard !
Stick to the food plan! image

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