Trainer Tips (Sean)

Attitude is everything.

I’m a big believer in attitude, well positive attitude and not the cheek I get from clients! 😂

Personally if I’m honest,  I always thought I wasn’t able to do things, and then I wouldn’t even apply myself. When I was in school I was bad at maths (told ye I can’t count) so then I never even tried..
But you would be so surprised what the right attitude will do for you regarding your goals or your outlook on life in general.

Every week I would have someone doing an exercise, and just before we lift a heavy weight they might say “I can’t do this.”
And I always say you would be surprised what you can do when you are made do something.  😂 The majority of the time they CAN do it.

Everyone always get negative thoughts…
In all aspects of life but always focus on the positive in each situation
Expect health, happiness and success all to come to you..

And if you do come to obstacles believe you can overcome them.

Push out negative thoughts next time you get them and as cheesy as it sounds believe in yourself. 👊

Like people think they’re hungry or tired???
There are people in the world who are actually suffering from these two factors.

So when you get into your big comfy bed at night and you’re a little bit hungry, count your blessings you have a bed and food because there’s people out there who would love to be in your boots. 🙈

So if you’re reading this, the next time you have negative thoughts push them out and positive vibes will bring you back to success.

Kick the words “I can’t ”
They’re now barred from F1T. 🚨

Peace out
Seanie 😎

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