Trainer Tips (Sean)

In this social media world we live in, all we see is health and fitness experts on Instagram/Facebook documenting their lives – every meal, every workout…
To beginners this can be very confusing, especially as they all seem to be going out for cheat meals or having coco pops after training.
People then try to imitate this without the knowledge of why and when people do this..

I always say to people; it’s like trying to solve algebra in junior infants  …everyone must have the basics in place before you progress.

When starting a  Personal Package package with a client, if I get the question ”When is my cheat meal??”   It’s a red rag to a bull.
You have probably been eating shit for how long?  Aren’t you here because you want to burn fat? Get in shape? Be healthy? ..and then when you tell someone they can’t eat pizzas after training they get upset because it’s not the answer they want to hear.
Commit to the cause first. 🙈 If your trainer tells you to do something – you should be willing to do it, and trust that there is an intelligent reason behind it.

You wouldn’t hire a painter to paint your house and then stand at the end of the ladder telling him ”Actually, want to try it my way?” you’d get the bucket of paint over the head!😂

The take home message? Worry about yourself and work with your trainer on improving your own health people. ❤️

-Sean O Gorman

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