Coats for Cork’s Homeless!


OK, here at F1T we have realised that having an audience or a public stage should come with a certain responsibility to do some good in real life with it. With the howling wind and rain last night we were thinking about those in Cork with no roof over their heads and no shelter, maybe not even a warm enough jacket.
We know that our amazing members and class goers would help them in a second if they had the chance – so here’s your chance:
From Monday 30th of January onward, there will be a coat rail and hangers in the entrance to the gym. If you have them, we will be collecting PRACTICAL coats and jackets (warm, waterproof – even better!) and then distributing them under the direction of Christina Chalmers from Please join me in Helping Corks Homeless and her phenomenal team in Cork City.
(We are primarily looking for coats and jackets, but we are also taking tracksuit pants and hoodies, and anything that could be added as a warm layer!)
Every house has that dreaded stack of coats behind the door, so we are asking you to please have a look through it, and bring any jacket you don’t wear anymore along with you on your next visit to the gym!
Depending on it’s success, at the end of our run, we will be tagging another Ballincollig business to set up the rail and get coat collecting themselves!
Have any questions? Contact !

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