Erika Conlon


”I started the 6 week package with a view to feeling healthier and fitter after having my son in April of this year. I met with Eoin on day one and explained what my goals were and what I wanted to get out of my training. For me, it was more about feeling better in myself and feeling healthier and losing weight was a happy side effect of that.

My meal plan had great variety and I really found it easy to stick to as there were no unrealistic portion sizes or ingredients. I had a PT session each week with Eoin and I attended classes 2 or 3 times per week on top of that. Eoin was great at keeping me motivated and pushing me to the best of my capabilities and he checked in with me by email on a Friday (aside from the PT sessions) which was a really nice way of keeping me on track for the weekend!

I’m so pleased with the results that I’ve gotten in six weeks, I feel so much better mentally and physically. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved in six weeks so I know I can go farther and set new physical goals for myself with Eoin’s help. I can’t thank him enough.

I would encourage anyone who’s trying to decide whether to join or not to just go for it. Everyone in F1T were so friendly and helpful and really, no one else is looking at you and judging you, they’re all just focused on their own journey”

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