Personal Trainers – NOT just for weight loss!

Massive kudos to this next client who is going to remain anonymous, she has always been fit and attending classes here at F1T but needed an extra push and some advice in the nutrition department. With Emma‘s help, she is feeling stronger and more toned all over! It just goes to show it’s not just about weight loss, it’s your confidence and your health that reap the huge benefits of having a Personal Trainer. Well done on all your hard work over the last few weeks – you look amazing!

”’I was doing classes 3 times a week @ F1T for about 16 months & loved them but wanted to try something new. I was slow to take up PT but so glad I did now.I felt that I was doing so much cardio & was also running,that I needed advise as I was losing weight & shape.

Ive trained with Emma for the past 10 weeks & between that & following the food plan,I’ve learned to fuel my body properly for the amount I work out & it doesn’t always have to be high intensity & a low calorie diet like I thought.I didn’t think I’d manage all the food but I’m hungrier now for it & have strengthened & toned up in that time.

I have gone from just doing classes to having the confidence to use the gym myself between my PT sessions & am seeing the changes each week & loving it!I have Emma to thank for that & for the advice & encouragement she has given me!!Looking forward to what the next 10 weeks will bring!!’🙌☺️💪💪


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