Five stone down!

This next client has been featured before while training with Brendan but, like many of our clients, has been consistently making progress in here since, continuing training week in, week out. She is an absolute inspiration and her testimonial is a must read for some SERIOUS motivation this week – if she can do it you can do it! HUGE well done to this client and Brendan, phenomenal progress!

”I have survived Brendan, which is amazing, remember my first day in September 2015. I thought I was having a heart attack and you were as cool as cucumber telling me I was fine, which I was!

I’ve lost 5 stone and gone from a size 24 to size 16 and feel fantastic. Without your help and support I wouldn’t have done 12 weeks not to mention 46 weeks….. Now I’m more confident Im going to try training on my own.

Who would believe that at 58 years of age I’m going to the gym weekly and enjoying it. Brendan you taught me to push myself without hurting myself, you’ve even shown me that excerise can be enjoyable. I’ve changed my life style and eating habits .

I still enjoy cooking and entertaining having learned porition size . I’m going to stick with the diet ….. Brendan thank you so much for your patience and support , F1T is a fabulous place all of the staff are friendly, welcoming and relaxed making it easier to walk in on that first day. I hope to be training there well into the future.

Thank you again Brendan!”


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