Guess what’s back and here to stay!? THE BESTIE PACKAGE!

You have all been asking and we finally caved, you can now get stuck in to a top class F1T Personal Training package with your moral support training right beside you! For as little as €2.50 a DAY!

It could be your partner, your best pal, your neighbour, some guy you just met outside the door of the gym, ANYONE!

Our Four Week Bestie Packages include your Personal Training sessions with an experienced trainer, FREE gym membership, full assessment for each of you, measurements, meal plans, weekly weigh ins, gym programs, a head trainer, constant coaching and contact via email for any questions about training and diet that you may have!

One session a week – €135 (€67.50 each)
Two sessions a week – Just €270 (€135 each)

Reasons training with a partner leads to success?

🚻 Accountability – Cancelling your session because you’re feeling unmotivated? Forget about it! Someone else is relying on you to make your session! Get up and go!

🚻Healthy Competition – Us humans sometimes tend to work harder and perform better in a competitive situation. Training with a partner can release your competitive drive no matter how blase you usually are.

🚻Celebrate + Support – Making progress is SO much better when you have someone to celebrate it with! Having a tough day? Let your training partner remind you of all the reasons you started!

Still with us? Want to get started?

Call us now on 0876619275 for more information or to book your assessment for next week!


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