F.1.T was born out of owner & director Eoin Fehily’s own personal health & fitness journey & experience. At the age of 19, Eoin weighed 23 stone & took it upon himself to change his life.

With no health & fitness education or guidance he began his weight loss journey, and lost 10 stone. Eoin didn’t go to a gym, he just got the basics right. He walked, began to work out at home & created a calorie deficit. He created a better lifestyle that suited him. 

After working as a personal trainer in a gym and in his own personal training studio Eoin opened up F1T Ballincollig in 2014. It was time to share his expertise with more trainers & to create the F1T community. 
After a fantastic 4 year’s of success, Eoin then opened F1T Grange in 2018. We’re so grateful to have two fantastic units built by our incredible clients, members, class goers & staff. 

Ever since Eoin has made sure that anyone who walks through either of F1T’s doors receives the maximum benefits of being a part of our like-minded community. A place where we put the people first & there is a no bull* attitude. 

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a long term, sustainable and productive health and fitness regime, while also becoming part of a community where you feel right at home.

If you would like to be part of a gym community where you feel comfortable & looked after by people who are just like you then send us a message or email today!

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