“I had no guidance, no program, and no plan. This has been five years in the making. I’ve taught over 1,000 classes, I’ve trained over 1,000 clients and I’ve lost over 10 stone in the process.”

F1T was born out of owner and director Eoin Fehily’s personal transformation. Weighing  23 stone at the age of 19, he took it upon himself to change his life for the better. With no education or guidance he began his weight loss journey, and is down 10 stone through sheer hard work and determination. Eoin has since dedicated his life to the health and fitness industry, gaining numerous exercise, nutritional, rehabilitation, and coaching qualifications in the process.

F1T was the next big step.  Eoin has passed his expertise onto our trainers to ensure that our clients are getting the maximum benefit out of their time here. We have hundreds of major lifestyle transformations, scores of dedicated class goers and PT Clients that have overcome huge personal battles within our walls all in just over two years of business.


F1T is a community. We are a number of like-minded individuals dedicated to helping  you to achieve your goals. All of our trainers practice what they preach, and are available to answer your questions, and provide motivation and support throughout your membership here. Many of us have undergone our own transformations under this roof and we genuinely know the ups and downs of changing your lifestyle for the better.  Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a long term, sustainable, and productive health and fitness regime, while also becoming part of a community where you feel right at home.

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14 thoughts on “WELCOME TO F.1.T

    1. Hi Marie, if you’d like to either mail us on your number or send us a Facebook message with it, we can give you a buzz and go through your options with you! Or else feel free to call us on 0876619275 ! Speak to you soon!


      1. Hi Nicola, with our monthly memberships yes you pay each month in cash/cheque. There’s no contract or direct debit, just straight up cash payment each month.


    1. Hello! If you are under 18 you must complete our TeenF1T program first before starting membership.

      This package includes;
      4 week’s personal training (1sess/week)
      4 week’s membership
      Head trainer that you can contact
      Weekly check ins with your trainer

      This is just €75. If you have any queries or wish to start contact us on (087) 661 9275 or call into us in the centre 😊


    1. Hi Laura
      The class pass covers
      9.30am Monday – Friday
      6pm Monday – Friday
      7pm Monday and Wednesday
      And Saturday 10am
      All classes are circuits.
      The February class pass is valid from February 1st and can be purchased at the desk here in F1T ballincollig for €35.
      If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
      Emma F1T


    1. Hi Siobhan,

      Thank you for the enquiry. We have a range of different personal training packages:

      3weeks x 3 sessions: 160
      4weeks x 1 session: 90
      4weeks x 2 sessions: 180
      6weeks x 1 session: 129
      6weeks x 2 sessions: 249
      10weeks x 1 session: 199
      10weeks x 2 sessions: 395

      We take PT from Monday to Saturday and there are a broad range of times throughout the day to try and suit people👍🏻

      If you have any other questions we’d be happy to help😊

      Team F1T


    1. Hi Aisling,
      How are you 😊

      Our personal training packages are highly popular, and all include an assessment, meal plan, weekly check ins, constant guidance/support from your head trainer.

      4 week-1x30min session per week =€90
      4 week-2x30min session per week =€180
      6 week-1x30min session per week =€129
      6 week-2x30min session per week =€249

      All packages include FREE gym membership at the moment too!

      If you would like to pass on your contact number, I would be more than happy to call you at a time that suited you.

      Alternatively you can call us on 0876619275.

      Thank you very much for contacting us and if there is anything we can do, please don’t hesitate in asking us.

      Aoife F1T ⭐️


  1. Hello my name is colman martin and I am looking to lose weight I have tried a lot of things but they don’t work I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol o am at my wits end I am 44 years old and I am 5ft 9ins and I weigh over 20 stone I am wondering could you help me


    1. Hi Colman,

      Thank you so much for the message!

      Are you looking to do personal training or sign up for gym membership?

      Your best bet is to give us a buzz on 0876619275 and we can chat through all you options!

      Aoife F1T ⭐️


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